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Kyra Mörchen

Lawyer, mediator and mediation trainer

May I introduce myself: Kyra from Bonn. As a lawyer, passionate mediator and mediation trainer, I deal with conflicts all the time. Visualizations help me to get to the heart of things, to create clarity and understanding and thus pave the way to solutions. Initially full of respect for blank paper, today I don’t leave the house without a sketchnotebook and not only visualize my seminars – analog as well as digital. It is with great pleasure that I pass on my knowledge and experience.

Well prepared with the pen

I am happy to work in a professional field where I can accompany and support people – in their search for a good solution or as a participant in seminars. I always have a pen in my hand for preparation and planning. In doing so, I am always accompanied by the question of how to proceed didactically and thus also in what way content can be developed most memorably. In my opinion, good presentations – whether on a flipchart or as a PPP – are easy to understand and reduced. Documentations, on the other hand, can be a bit witty 🙂

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