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Marc Hundleby

Marc is an enthusiastic doodler, illustrator, visual practitioner and trainer, he founded The Humble PM to help individuals and organisations SEE, FEEL and THINK differently.  He is a Freelance Agile coach/trainer and facilitator who uses visual communications daily to help leaders create environments where teams can thrive whilst having fun!

In 2018 he discovered bikablo®️, fell in love with the technique and became a certified bikablo®️ Global Trainer three months later! Marc uses visual facilitation and storytelling as an enabler for deep learning and communication.

He is an associate member of Graphic Recorders Australia and a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP). He is also a keen adventurer, free diver, and sailor who has circumnavigated the globe in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

Marc delivers in-house, online and public bikablo visual facilitation training courses in Australia and New Zealand.


Certified bikablo Global Trainer –

Member of International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP) –

Associate Member of Graphic Recorders Australia (GRA) –

Certified Scrum Master –

Professional Scrum Master –

Certified Agile Leader (CAL 1 and 2) –

ICAgile Agile Team Facilitator –

Scrum@Scale Practitioner –

Project Management Professional (PMP) – PMI –

Certified Practising Project Director (CPPD) – Australian Institute of Project Management –

Trainings from Marc Hundleby

    "Leading Beyond Change"

    After attending a Certified Agile Leadership Course and using the bikablo technique during the course, Marc was invited to illustrate “Leading Beyond Change” A Practical Guide to Evolving Business Agility by Authors Michael K Sahota and Audree Tara Sahota.

    The client loved the simplicity of the bikablo style and how it complemented the text rather than competing with it.

    “Before bikablo®️ I hardly used to draw, then four months after becoming bikablo certified, I was being asked to illustrate a book! This was incredible as I had never done anything like it before. Bikablo really has changed my career and my life, who knows where it could take you!”

    "Lean Coffee"

    I love creating engaging experiences for workshops or meetings whether they are in person on online.

    For this collaboration project, I worked with Twenty 2 Collective to create a virtual “Lean Coffee Shop” using this image as a background in Mural (a powerful online whiteboard and collaboration tool), to run an industry lean coffee discussing all things leadership and agility!

    The image sets the scene for the coffee shop, as people join the call we are playing soft jazzy coffee shop vibes. As people join we ask them to take a tour around the virtual coffee shop, they can add the playlist to their Spotify by clicking on the radio icon in Mural. The bookshelf contains some of our go-to books or recommended reading list and if they are interested participants can click on the books and purchase them directly through Amazon. The books also provide inspiration for potential topics to discuss.  

    Having the music and the interactive elements within the coffee shop helps people feel like they are really walking into their favourite coffee shop to meet friends. 

    We initially tried it as a pilot, however, the response has been super positive with people commenting on how incredibly engaging and helpful the sessions are, so we now run the session every month.

    Sure beats having a blank Mural! 

    If you are interested in attending one of the sessions please reach out to me directly on LinkedIn.


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    Trainings from Marc Hundleby