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Martin Böer

Dipl. communication designer, art educator, book author and illustrator

“You might get Martin out of Cologne – but you can’t get Cologne out of Martin.” After three years at RTL, the local patriot, communication designer, comic artist, illustrator and art educator has found a new home in the pool of trainers at bikablo akademie, where he seduces others into drawing with skill, heart and soul and a great sense of humor. Besides bikablo he works as a lecturer at different universities in the field of illustration, graphic and sustainable design.

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    Closer than we thought: Visualization and Comics

    What do graphic novels and graphic recording have in common? This is the question bikablo asked itself in a conversation with the comic artist Oliver Scheibler at the Comic Festival in Cologne. An experience report with surprising insights.

    The bikablo Advent Calendar is Here!

    From 1.12. to 24.12. there is a new door every day at the bikablo advent calendar on Instagram. Here our trainers from Germany and all over the world give away their favorite pieces.