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Stefan Böker

Dipl. communication designer

As a visualizer, I love it when the felt-tip pen squeaks on the paper. When it comes to teaching drawing on the iPad, my affinity for the digital comes in handy. I know from my own experience that creativity rarely just falls from the sky. I therefore like to try out creative solution strategies, techniques and methods, for example in the curriculum modules Graphic Recording and Visual Storytelling. For some time now, I have also been interested in agile methods and the question of what role visualization can play in them. That’s why I develop and train the bikablo visual agile training together with the agile experts at bikablo – Andrea Wendt and Celia Bohle.

The Böker technique

I like to combine photos with sketchnotes on the iPad. I started doing this back in 2012, when I playfully tried out the then brand-new possibilities of digital drawing on my very first iPad. Why not use a photo as a basis for digital sketchnotes?

My fellow bikablo visualizers at our bikabo meetings also loved the idea when they saw me taking my notes while capturing the atmosphere and setting. For a while, everyone called this the “Böker Technique” and I must say, I felt very honored! 🙂 We also share this technique, which we later christened “Atmogram”, in our iPad trainings.

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A chapter that has it all

Who would have thought that I would contribute a chapter to a bikablo book? And yet it happened. For the new visual dictionary “bikablo posters” I could contribute the chapter “Visual Worlds”. Many learnings from the Graphic Recording and Visual Storytelling trainings have been incorporated and I think the chapter turned out really well. (Ps: My absolute favorite chapter is still the one with Martin’s method templates 🙂

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