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Tim Schuster


Tim calls his graphic recorder assignments for bikablo bildwerk “creative balancing sport”. The graphic designer and illustrator from Darmstadt enjoys working on multi-layered visual storytelling tasks almost as much as he enjoys working for bikablo bildwerk, demonstrating an impressive creative range from classic info design to quick product scribbles and cartoons.

Images with added value

What really impresses me is what visualization can do. No matter how specialized and complex the projects of these dedicated companies may be, there is a suitable image for everyone. That sounds mundane? It is and it should be. I believe that the images are already created in the heads of the developers during the planning process, long before I get around to it. It seems to be a relief when the ideas are finally on paper, visible and understandable for everyone. That’s what I enjoy most about it. I like to say then, I’m not here as an artist for you either – creative, that’s what you all are!

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What can visualization be?

For example, a Compelling Story that tells a powerful, compelling story that everyone involved can relate to. A picture for everyone who has something in mind and needs a common vision for it. A Big Picture can make a project visible in a wonderful way and serve the common understanding of all participants. For brainstorming, concept and idea generation I prefer to be on site, the elaboration takes place in the studio.

More than 25 frames per second

It is a particular pleasure for me to set my own “characters” in motion in explanatory films and thus bring them to life: a speaker describes a product or a process and is accompanied by my drawings. It’s beautiful to watch and very memorable. Movies awaken the child in me and often in others. Cartoon animation is playful and light and can present complicated concepts and processes simply.


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