bikablo Gives Back to Cap Anamur!

At bikablo, we believe in giving back to organizations that are close to our heart because of the meaningful work they do in the world. Since the founding of bikablo, we’ve supported the organization Cap Anamur by donating the proceeds of our industry bestseller “UZMO – Thinking with a Pen.”

We appreciate all of our participants, customers and colleagues who purchased the book and help us support this cause.

The non-profit organization Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte eV in Cologne was founded in 1979 by Christel and Rupert Neudeck in collaboration with some of their friends, including Heinrich Böll. Since then, Cap Anamur has been providing humanitarian aid worldwide, even in places where media interest has long since died down. Their focus is providing medical care and access to education.



In war and crisis zones, Cap Anamur builds infrastructure and support to improve the lives of people in need. They build hospitals and schools and provide training for locals to learn new skills. Cap Anamur provides building materials, relief supplies, and medicine to support these initiatives. Once a project is underway, Cap Anamur hands it over to local staff, which enables Cap Anamur to move on and support other missions around the world.

Cap Anamur is active worldwide. Current projects include; a shelter for street children in Sierra Leone, hospitals in the Nuba Mountains in Sudan, supporting a refugee camp for Syrians in Lebanon and training nurses in Afghanistan. Cap Anamur is financed exclusively by private donations. This enables Cap Anamur to intervene quickly and without bureaucracy in war zones or areas affected by natural disasters, independently of state institutions.

The people of Cap Anamur are not only aligned with our values: they also share our home city of Cologne.


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