UZMO – Thinking With Your Pen – The bikablo-Visualisation Guide now in English!

Joy with bikablo: After selling 20,000 copies of our standard reference work, first published in 2014, “UZMO – Thinking With Your Pen” is available now in English! The 300-pages-book for Visual Storytelling, Visual Facilitation, Graphic Recording and Sketchnoting is distributed exclusively by Neuland.

by Martin Haussmann


With Visual Facilitation, dialogues, ideas and complex content can be visualised quickly using simple sketches. If required, this can also be achieved live. In order to show how this particular form of “visual language” can be used for a range of business applications, in 2014 we published the book UZMO – Thinking With Your Pen. In it, we show the entire range of the various visualisation techniques and provide tips on how you can quickly learn these. For many of our training participants, we often hear that UZMO has become a kind of “starter drug” for the world of visualisation. Before registering for a bikablo basics training with us, with UZMO you will have made your first creative steps.

UZMO – the standard reference work for Visual Storytelling, Visual Facilitation, Graphic Recording and Sketchnoting

By now, UZMO has established itself as a comprehensive reference book for visual facilitation, learning and collaboration on the book market in the German-speaking area.

It offers a thorough overview of many visual techniques that are easy to apply and shows how you can make complicated processes and abstract relationships easily accessible in meetings, trainings or presentations, using practical drawing instructions. Instead of overly complex presentations, talks are created that are clearly designed and easy to remember, which leave the audience rapt and, at the same time, provide knowledge in a simple way. With UZMO, our readers often learn first of all, that there is no requirement to be an expert artist. Visualisation is not art, but rather a cultural technique. You only need a felt-tip pen and paper – and a desire to draw! Many are clearly convinced by this idea: UZMO – Thinking With Your Pen has sold 20,000 copies in the last 3 years. The many ways in which you can read this book count among its advantages: some readers choose to read diligently from page 1 to page 300, others simply jump from topic to topic, find their own approach and inspiration by looking up usual business terms.

Thinking With Your Pen – the “UZMO-Code” also works in English

Almost from the outset we have been receiving requests for an English version of UZMO – above all when our bikablo supporters have been active on the international scene and wanted the book for their work in multicultural teams or scenarios. Now we are delighted soon to be able to fulfil this wish.

And for anyone who does not know it yet: “UZMO” is the “code”. With these four letters you can easily and quickly draw an effective lightbulb. And of course that also works very well in English!


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