Graphic Recording/Strategic Visualization

Birgit Jansen

Graduate communication designer

Birgit is a visual storyteller and graphic recorder with a unique visual language. The Cologne-based communication designer and illustrator knows how to put complex issues on paper with a clear lightness of touch and to dress even large amounts of data in a friendly garment, so that the eye, heart and brain feel equally addressed. Within the subject areas of sustainability and social issues, she has continuously nourished and refined her content expertise over the years through the visual accompaniment of numerous events.

A graphic recording goes into series production

I am fascinated by the topic of diversity and change of perspective. Every person brings their own genetic dispositions, their own social history, their own upheavals, their own hurdles and coping strategies, their own questions, discoveries, thoughts, feelings, strengths, abilities, potential, wishes and goals into society and into everyday life. In this way, not all women are the same. Despite all the overlaps, each has her own unique expression and can inspire and encourage others through her own unique ways of being. Each interviewee in the FrauSein series has set out to discover, unfold and live her true and authentic self beneath all the layers of social conventions and expectations – an exciting journey full of power and beauty!

In this monthly digital format initiated by the Konrad Andenauer Foundation, I portray the diversity in FrauSein: whether politician, spoken word artist, nun, comedian, 100% mother, editor, prostitute, trans woman, farmer or coach – there are many exciting and fulfilling roles and terrains.

I’m not only excited about the content, but also about the technical setting: While I’m listening to the live stream of the interview taking place in the KAS studio, the image I’m visualizing on the iPad at the same time is shown in the stream by means of a parallel video switch and in between is viewed enlarged on a screen in the studio. Viewers of the format can use the chat function to ask questions, which are then taken up in the conversation. A super exciting and smooth-running hybrid format that can certainly be applied to many other great topics!

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Design with attitude

This is the path I have set out on – guided by the question of how I, as a person with bubbling ideas and a strong creative energy, can contribute to the most peaceful, appreciative and democratic coexistence possible in society.

In 2020, I was allowed to participate in a special kind of visual cooperation: The Cologne Baroque Orchestra dedicated its concert series “FAIR PLAY – clean play” to the Charter of Human Rights. Together with the Cologne Vocalists and framed by text contributions by the activist Vincent-Immanuel Herr, we opened up access to the topic through a multi-sensory experience: pieces of music and spoken word alternated and were translated by me into visual analogies in real time and put on paper.

The setting was also special: the concert, originally planned for an audience in Cologne’s Gürzenich, took place in the Kölner Philharmonie in front of empty seats due to the pandemic, and gave a large number of interested people access to this unique journey via live stream. A successful hybrid format with added value!


Pictures from Birgit Jansen


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