Visualization Training and Graphic Recording/Strategic Visualization

Michaela Ruhfus

Trainerin, Graphic Recorder, Koordination CorporateTrainer

Michaela comes from the visual arts and has been working in the field of Organizing & Campaigning for many years. Thus she works at the intersection of art, design and process support and can use this expertise at bikablo as a graphic recorder and visualization trainer. As a creative mind Michaela explores with enthusiasm spaces of the possible and brings new things to the start, whether with your participants in trainings or for bikablo.

Wow, that wave!

“How does a creative process work and what fosters it? What is flow?”, these questions connect my different fields of activity. Since 2005, I have been passing on my experience on this to others. I love to open benevolent, inspiring spaces in my trainings and to enable people to allow and explore their creativity. To dare to bring something of their own into the world and discover their individual signature.

I am happy to be able to facilitate such creativity-promoting formats at bikablo with the “e-xtraKlasse” and the “Vision Retreat”.

Welcome to the Flow!

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Inner Maps - Body Drawings & Images

In my own artistic practice, the focus is on working from the HERE & NOW. I always encounter the body first. It is always there, and what happens in it has a massive influence on how I perceive my immediate surroundings, but also look into the future and past. Therefore, in my art, I look inside the body and use pencil and paint to describe what I find, as in a cartography.

This is the kind of drawing we offer participants in the Visual Consulting module of the curriculum. It allows for an intensive immersion in one’s own presence and the exploration of a spontaneous, intuitive line drawing. The searching line complements the participants’ drawing repertoire and gives them a method to move confidently in situations of exploration.

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