Visualization trainings

Pädda Kamps-Barth

Cartoonist, art educator and boat builder

Art educator, caricaturist, boat builder and, since 2016, visualization trainer – what Pädda tackles is always handiwork with expertise and ease – with a rich treasure trove of surprising image ideas from which the Berliner-by-choice can also draw for training assignments and dialog images.

Capture the moment

During my first experiences with digital drawing techniques, I was particularly taken with the Atmograms, which I copied from our great colleague Stefan Böker. Actually a form of sketchnoting, they often develop a momentum of their own and almost rise to small, independent works of art.

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Island pictures

My island pictures and status-quo-templates are admittedly influenced by my many years of work as a caricaturist. Irony, subtlety and wit also give our brain impulses that let it drift out of the usual thought structures and make new things possible.

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