Visualization training

Andrea Wendt

Trainer, Agile Coach, Facilitator

With a degree in business informatics, Andrea realized that programming is not her passion, but rather the design of dialog and co-creation spaces. In her roles as Agile Coach and Facilitator, she supports group and learning processes and uses the pen for transparency, clarity and orientation. Andrea came to bikablo as a licensed trainer at Volkswagen AG, where she invites colleagues to discover the added value of visualizing for themselves in in-house trainings and impulses. Her competence, warmth and passion have convinced us just as much as her visualization skills, and so it is no wonder that she has now also joined the bikablo core team as a trainer.

Andrea describes herself as a lifelong learner and thus uses visualization very intensively in her private life as well. With sketchnotes she records new knowledge, reflection processes and special moments of everyday life.

Keeping up is e-Xtraclass

I love learning in small groups over a fixed period of time. We make our way together toward a goal of our own choosing. We support and encourage each other. Reflection in the group also creates a deep connection, a safe space and makes it easier to take many a hurdle. Again and again I take part in such learning journeys as a participant. The pen is my most important tool.

And I am all the more happy to be able to share these experiences as a trainer in the bikablo e-xtraklasse. In this format, after the Basics training, we give participants a space to explore, experiment and integrate their visualization skills into everyday life. It is a great gift for me to see how they become more confident and courageous step by step and inspire each other.

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Visualization in private everyday life

The pen has become an integral part of my life since my first bikablo training. My passion for sketchnoting grew out of the first daily exercises. It’s fascinating what I can make visible through it: new knowledge, reflection results of questions, the daily wonderful moments, vacation memories …

All this enriches me so much that fixed rituals have emerged from it. So every evening I draw the highlight of the day in my Soulshine calendar. Whenever I read or hear something inspiring, I record it as a sketchnote. At the end of the year, I draw my personal visual review to anchor helpful and meaningful things. With the pen, I give myself lightness and joy again and again – and I would like to pass this experience on to the participants of our trainings.

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