Welcome to the family: new skills and faces in the global trainer team

bikablo welcomes new members to the global family, and proficient trainers upgraded their portfolio with the bikablo advanced agenda.

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Apps fürs digitale Visualisieren am Tablet

Digital Visualization on a Tablet – Part 2: These Five Apps Make It Work!

We’ve put together a list of five apps for digital visualization that can be used on tablets like the iPad Pro.

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Digital Visualization and Tablets – Part 1: Tips, Tricks and New Possibilities 

Visualization doesn’t always require paper and pen – using a tablet to draw is also a lot of fun! This has become especially true ever since the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil together revolutionized digital illustration.

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Clusters, Chunks and Hierarchies – Three Rules for Poster Visualization

Using posters to visualize complex topics or processes is an ideal way to facilitate clarity. Tips for what to pay attention to when preparing a visual presentation.

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Mediators Between Worlds: Visualization in Peace Processes

Interpeace supports peace processes in West African communities. Learning and Policy Officer Mirko Hoff uses bikablo visualization in his work. We asked him how.

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mid 2019: international training opportunities with bikablo

Six months to go in 2019 and still so many great learning opportunities ahead of us: a short retrospective and a glimpse into the near future with advanced training courses all around the world

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Learning Sketchnoting with bikablo, Part 2: 5 Easy Steps to Creating Your First Sketchnote

Graphic visualization is a cultural skill that can be learned, just like learning a foreign language – and sketchnoting is the best way to get started.

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„UZMO – Penser avec son stylo“: Le guide de visualisation de bikablo enfin disponible en français!

"UZMO - Penser avec son stylo" : Après le succès de la version anglaise, notre ouvrage de référence pour la narration visuelle, la facilitation visuelle, le Graphic Recording et le Sketchnoting est aussi disponible en français !

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sketchnoting lernen mit der bikablo akademie

Learning Sketchnoting with bikablo, Part 1: What’s the business of a Sketchnoter?

The creative technique of sketchnoting makes it easier to retain nuggets of information – and sharing information is one of the things we at the bikablo akademie love to do best.

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The Right Way to Combine Colors – bikablo’s Tips and Tricks

Our trainers have put together seven new color palettes to show which color combinations work best for both beginners and visualization pros.

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Using Visualization in Your Career – Something Everyone Can Do!

At a recent training session in Switzerland, I saw an excellent example of how to put visualization to use during a presentation: Thinking with the pen can be integrated into everyday work life in a wide variety of ways.

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wichtige visualisierungsregeln - visualisieren lernen

Rules for Visualization, Part 2: Ten Beliefs That You Should Toss Out the Window

Meaning, discernment, and the fascinating relationship between words and images: Which beliefs you should toss out the window in order to make it easier to use visual language. (Continuation)

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