How can you present complex knowledge via visualization? I gave it a try with this example: A digital sketchnote as a basis for an explanation video and a self-navigated collaboration board. Check it out!

Last week, I attended the „IDG-Summit“ in Stockholm on April 29 online and did a digital sketchnote of my insights on the iPad. A friend encouraged me to share it with the community (both participants of the event and interested people). „Thats challenging“, I said, „Its quite well structured, but with this big amount of information people might get lost“.

Then I remembered a gallery visit I did lately showing an artistic era I was not familiar with: First I joined a guided tour, then I looked at the pieces that drew my attention in this tour by myself – and informally shared my impressions with others.

Since I really enjoyed this visit and I left the exhibition inspired, I decided to take the same approach for sharing my experiences of the Summit:

  1. I uploaded the sketchnote to a mural board and set some outline frames
  2. I did a quick desktop video walking my viewers through the mural presentation.
  3. I set a link to the board so visitors can now check it out on their own – following the presentation path or just looking around.
  4. I added some digital sticky notes to encourage people to add their thoughts and ask questions.


This is the Mural board:

Check it out and tell me on LinkedIn how it works for you!