Ellen Brian is a dutch Visual Facilitator and DHL staff – and a frequent delegate of our training courses. When we learned that she went to hospital in late 2018 everybody in the bikablo company was very worried. But if you know Ellen, you know that vital force is her second name. When she sent us some of her visualizations done on the tablet during her stay, we were so touched and excited and, yes, had so much fun that we HAD to ask her for permission to share them in our blog. She kindly agreed. So raise the curtains for the new Netflix series „Hospital Life“ – Season one, episodes 1–16!

We were all shocked when I was diagnosed with leukaemia in November last year. It meant chemotherapy and at least a month in the hospital. As a kind of reflection on what I experienced and also to keep everybody updated, I decided to draw my life in the hospital. Special moments, thoughts and worries turned into images in my head resulting in a series of a self-invented NETFLIX production.

All this was largely inspired by my recent training as a Visual Facilitator at the bikablo akademie. Already for years I am an ardent lover of flips, markers and everything that comes with it. Applying these in my work whenever possible. Discovering bikablo two years ago was a real revelation for me and brought everything together. However, using visualisation during my stay in the hospital was an unexpected practice.

The NETFLIX Series “Hospital Life”

When you are lucky as I was, and never ever have been in a hospital before, everything that happens after your hospitalisation is new. Your first time blood transfusion; I really felt like Dracula, it worked and gave new energy.

Same for the intravenous access line that was inserted: Connected. Strange to have that in you body. I surely was hoping I would not start shining after the chemo.

A good laugh is the best medicine. So when the doctor had some trouble finding a good piece of bone to take a sample from, the picture of a mollusk came to my mind. Episode 3 was born.

When your immune system is broken down to zero, bacteria and infections are the worse enemy.

And so it went on. Whatever happened in that isolated hospital room turned into a drawing: being homesick after weeks …

… receiving Portuguese cookies from a colleague and not allowed to eat them …

…and getting more and more medicines; becoming your new friends. A drawing based on a great picture that Martin Haussmann created in one of the bikablo trainings I participated in.

Life in the hospital was never dull, always something that needed attention, starting already at 6 o’clock in the morning!

It was important to keep up the spirit and be focussed on the future, when you are healthy again: making plans.

Please the doctor…

…and look at the opportunities: finally I could have this long thick blond hair.You learn a lot about your body and how it is working. However not everything is immediately clear. How is this blood production process working in you bones. Visualisation helped.

I had really bad days, especially around Christmas.

Days you would rather forget as soon as possible.

Finally – after two months – I was getting better and able to go home! Starting with a though program to regain strengths.  Great to be home again!

Season two – follow up treatment – will start in March and will work towards the happy end of being fully cured again!

Visualising worked as an outlet against worries and fears that popped up during my stay in the hospital. The images and humour put the situation in perspective and made the problems lighter. In this way, drawing and visualizing has guided me through heavy weather and made clear to me that visualisation in many ways is a part of my life, now and in the future!