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Narrative visualization for better dialogue

Long before “Graphic Recording” or “Sketchnoting” became a trend, we belonged to the trailblazers of visual thinking and collaboration in Europe. Shortly after the start of the new millennium, the Kommunikationslotsen consultancy introduced methods such as World Café and Open Space to the German-speaking area. This package included visualization methods designed to retain knowledge gleaned from dialogue processes. This visual accompaniment of processes quickly became one of the hallmarks of our participative events for large groups.

Next, we provided our first visualization training in Cologne – and developed our first Visual Dictionary, the so-called “BIlderKArtenBLOck” (“picture cards pad”) as part of a series of products which quickly became bestsellers, distributed exclusively by “bi-ka-blo” became a registered trademark for visual thinking, learning, and collaboration.

In 2015 we established the bikablo akademie – which trains over three thousand beginners, advanced practitioners, and specialists each year.

Now, our visualization team at bikablo bildwerk (“bikablo picture works”) is using our 15 years of experience to create better dialogue and help support important change processes – with techniques such as Visual Storytelling, Graphic Recording, Visual Facilitation, and Visual Consulting.

Whether as a trainer or as a facilitator – we use visualization for targeted purposes, to enrich communication, strengthen dialogue, and give structure to thoughts. bikablo is a team of around thirty specialists in consulting, graphic design, training, and facilitation. These are people with open ears, large hearts, and a real passion for what they do.

We are convinced that you can generate change with the help of images. And that participation is essential for this – and community lies at the heart of it. We believe that good work should be fun. We are ambitious, and pragmatic. We don’t claim to always have an answer, but we do have a lot of good questions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Company goal: the good life

Some call it „corporate social responsibility“, we simply call it the „good life“: bikablo and the community of freelance trainers and visualizers want to contribute to a world worth living in, beyond customer projects and trainings. This is how we understand – besides many smaller actions – our program bikablo macht Schule, the visualization project #ourStories, our financial commitment to Cap Anamur and our certification as a climate neutral company.

Management and office

bikablo bildwerk Project Management
With her talent for organizing and her memorable voice, this cultural scientist brings together customers, the bildwerk visualization team, and bikablo management. What is the intention of the specific dialogue process? How can we make an impact with the right bespoke visualization concept? Who in the team has the suitable professional profile? Andrea makes this all happen and always strives for the best, most integrated solution.

In-house trainings and social media
In a very short time Susann has developed into a competent, dedicated and dedicated customer consultant for our company training courses. She is the right address when it comes to tailor-made training concepts and tricky disposition questions. As a linguist, she is also a linguist who can deal with the written word, so you will find her more and more often as an editor in the bikabloBLOG.

bikablo bildwerk Project Management
Carola conveys visual ideas and mediates between people – sometimes both at the same time, as in the training special “Visualization in Conflicts.” As a sculptor, mediator, and facilitator (Kommunikationslotsen-trained), she is well-versed in both worlds. Her goal? To combine visualization and process consulting in order to consistently create something new.

Open trainings and art direction
The communication designer has been designing our visual dictionaries for over ten years. Of course we wanted her to be there when we founded the bikablo company as an international training and consulting brand. With her dedication, expertise and ability to pull many strings, she now coordinates the open training program and supports the team of freelance trainers.

Trainings and internal processes
Gesa has helped to build the bikablo company 2015 and helped to shape its development into a sophisticated consulting and training company. She now coordinates our internal processes, is involved in the development of new products from bildwerk and akademie, keeps the team together and is the secret queen of hearts at the bikablo headquarters.

Frank Wesseler

Global Team and internal processes
Three years ago, we recruited the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt process expert after getting to know him at a training session. Now Frank travels all over the world working as a visualization trainer focusing on visual process mapping and leads the global bikablo training program. Increasingly, Frank is also becoming the (ever cheerful) face of our brand at international conferences.

Managing Partner, bikablo bildwerk Divisional Manager, Team Leader, Training Development & Visual Consulting
Karina has an eye for skills and potential. And she has the energy to accompany people as they bring these to fruition, whether within a team, in a training course, or in bildwerk projects. Her background: developing learning processes and advising instructors. She is a visual coach, a former teacher (“Studienrat”) at a college-preparatory high school, and higher education didactics expert in the Netzwerk hdw nrw, and is known for her empathy, consistency and professionalism, and her profound intuition for working with groups and processes.

Managing Partner, bikablo akademie Divisional Manager, Product Development & Marketing
The graduate designer, specialist author (“UZMO – Thinking With Your Pen”), and bikablo founder loves nothing more than being faced with complex problems, which he then tackles with systematic creativity. This generates new training formats, visualization techniques, and dialogue methods – and an ever more profound understanding of the power and possibilities of pictures.

Roswitha Vesper und Holger Scholz

Managing Partners of bikablo GmbH & Co. KG
For over 15 years they have been leading the Kommunikationslotsen consultancy and have achieved pioneering work in Germany for facilitated thinking and participative business consultancy. They build the bridge to the facilitator team at Kommunikationslotsen and are always the go-to for bikablo when working on complex change processes.

Freelance Training and Visualization Team

Martin Böer und Maaike Borsboom

“You can get Martin out of Cologne – but you can’t get Cologne out of Martin.” After three years at RTL, this true localite, communications designer, cartoonist, illustrator, and art agent found a new home in the trainer pool of bikablo akademie. It is here that with great skill, passion and humor, he teaches people the joy of drawing.

Amelie Vesper

“I actually can’t draw at all,” said this business psychologist and facilitator (Kommunikationslotsen-trained) only three years ago. Her career as an international trainer and Visual Process Facilitator proves that the bikablo principle works! With the same didactic professionalism, warmth and engaging manner, she also trains new trainers in-house at bikablo.

Stefan Böker

From Stefan you can learn what it is to be a graphic designer with heart and soul. As a trainer, Graphic recorder, Visual Storyteller and specialist for infographic video clips, this experienced graduate designer navigates challenging assignments with ease and always finds the best method to communicate complex matters in a clear and compelling way.

Desirée van Dijk

When this Dutch-Surinamese neuropsychologist and facilitator (Kommunikationslotsen-trained) is involved with training sessions or change processes, cultural and linguistic barriers often simply fall away. Here, an engaging manner and the ability to truly listen and understand is just as important as the skilled use of visual language.

Kirsten Reinhold

Kirsten is the person to go to if you are looking for well-thought-through solutions. Kirsten has been with bikablo since the very beginning and has filled all the roles at the akademie and bildwerk. Whether as a trainer, Graphic Recorder, or Visual Storyteller – the graduate designer and systemic coach combines technical expertise with patience, humor, and attentive listening.

Christian Rommert

Christian previously worked as a pastor and director of a religious youth organization, but these days he advises managers, contributes articles to magazines, initiates projects, is a featured speaker on the German television program “Wort zum Sonntag” (Sunday’s Word) – and teaches others how to think with their pens. His profile is every bit as interesting as his resume, and not only the participants of his visual training programs, but also the entire bikablo team, profit greatly from his knowledge and experience.

Justo G. Pulido

Justo already had twenty-five years of experience as a designer and illustrator under his belt when he joined the bikablo team. He is from Münster – but has Spanish roots – and infects people with his love for life and good design, both in his training sessions and as a visual storyteller. He tends to recognize potential where noone else does and always keeps his eyes on his goal: finding fresh, new solutions through pictures.

Ramona Wultschner

With Ramona, pictures truly come to life: this talented illustrator and animator never fails to inspire visualization clients and training participants with her inexhaustible imagination and infectious enthusiasm for thinking with her pen. What she loves most: Sketchnoting, hand lettering, and visualization on a tablet. In these areas she is also currently developing new training formats for bikablo.

Michaela Ruhfus

Michaela has a visual arts background and has been active in the field of Organizing & Campaigning for many years now. In this capacity, she works at the interface between design, process support, and social issues and uses these competencies at bikablo as a Graphic Recorder, Visual Facilitator, and visualization trainer.

Tim Schuster

“Artistic recreational sport” is what Tim calls his Graphic Recording gigs for bikablo bildwerk. This graphic designer and illustrator from Darmstadt, near Frankfurt, enjoys getting to the bottom of complex Visual Storytelling assignments, proving himself as a versatile artist who excels in many techniques, ranging from classic info design to quick product scribbles, all the way to cartoons.

Andrea Rawanschad

Law and visualization. How does that go together? Andrea – lawyer (specializing in employment and industrial constitution law), mediator, and facilitator (Kommunikationslotsen-trained) from Aachen – can’t live without either. With pictures, and her big heart and sharp mind, she leads tricky conflict situations to an amicable solution. This benefits above all groups with whom she works as a Visual Facilitator and trainer.

Manfred Liersam

Manfred’s career path has led him through media design, illustration, and 3D graphics, all the way to the conceptualization of animated explanatory films. At bikablo bildwerk, he provides support for visual storytelling projects from their conception through to technical execution.  He takes a decisive approach to the topic while developing close relationships with his clients – Manfred is not afraid to tackle complicated topics or complex communicative situations. His guiding principle is: the more complex the challenge, the more concise the visualization of the solution must be.

Birgit Jansen

This Visual Storyteller and Graphic Recorder stands out with her very own style. Birgit is a communication designer and illustrator from Cologne who understands how to put highly complex issues to paper with easy. She knows how to present even large amounts of data in such a way that it is stimulating for eyes, heart and mind.

Anne Garschagen

“Clarity facilitates change” is the motto of trainer, coach, and moderator Anne Garschagen. As a Visual Facilitator, Anne supports change processes for bikablo bildwerk, drawing on her skills and competencies in fields that range from business administration and pedagogy to supervision and individual psychology. She describes herself as “encouraging, interested, inspiring, and full of zest for life” – traits which her bikablo colleagues attest to.

Peter "Pädda" Kamps-Barth

Art educator, caricaturist, boat-builder, and now visualization trainer – Pädda is a true craftsman, and whatever he touches exudes expertise and ease. Coming up with fresh and out-of-the-box image ideas comes easy to this Berliner-by-choice, enriching every training assignments and dialogue image that he works on.

Heidrun Künzel

Originally a mathematician and after her studies working for various management consultancies, Heidrun has now been a trainer and coach with passion for almost 20 years, combining humanistic psychology and suggestopedia with visualization. With her, you learn not only to draw – but also to feel completely comfortable in a group. In 2019, her book „Sketchnotes im Alltag“ (mitp-Verlag) was published.

Anastasios Mengulis

“Words separate, images connect” is the motto of this Greek visualizer who was raised in southern Germany. Anas lives up north now, in Hamburg, and works as a visualization moderator and trainer in the social change context. He has a real passion for visualizing group processes and thoroughly enjoys his work as a bikablo trainer.

Michael Vogt

Michael is always at the head of the pack: He is not only an environmental scientist, quality management consultant, instructor, and sustainability expert – he also happens to be the very first graduate of the bikablo Visual Facilitator training program. His strong skills in conceptual visualization, along with his pragmatic, friendly nature are just part of the reason that he was selected to be our first bikablo trainer in Switzerland. Working with Ramona Moser, he now provides training in his hometown of St. Gallen as well as in Geneva and Lugano. He also gladly travels “abroad” to Austria and Germany – teaching others how to think with their pens.

Constanze "Coco" Riess

“Stop starting, start finishing” – perfectionism should make room for dialogue and quick prototypes, says Coco from Hamburg. She is a consultant and coach for agile methods at borisgloger consulting and is increasingly applying her skills beyond bikablo’s “Visual Scrum” training courses. She’s the person to call when dealing with challenges where technological and social complexity meet.

Ceren Haussmann

Local to Cologne, but with Tartar roots, Ceren came to visualization via interior design and has turned her passion into a career as a Graphic Recorder at Kommunikationslotsen. As a visualization trainer and systemic coach with facilitation know-how, Ceren is one of the akademie’s most experienced minds, and bildwerk projects also benefit from her passion and creative talent.

Tim Weiffenbach

This internationally recognized designer had already lived a few lives before joining the bildwerk team: Tim works as an illustrator, storyboarder, and infographic and logo designer, he co-founded the illustrators’ organization “IO,” taught illustration both in Frankfurt and Weimar, and is on the jury of various competitions. His work as a Graphic Recorder lives from his knack for simple yet surprising visual concepts.

Kyra Mörchen

In her role as a lawyer, mediator, and mediator trainer, Kyra deals with conflicts. As a trainer in our special courses on visualization and mediation, she makes use of the power of visualization. Also in the basics training courses, this likeable and engaging “Rheinlander” has taught many people how to express things with the help of images in such a way that unexpected solutions often emerge.

Tobias Wieland

This Leipzig illustrator’s great design talent becomes most apparent when he is confronted with many small pieces of information that need to be pieced together to form a large dialogue map or Graphic Recording. As the creator of ever-surprising image ideas, he transforms data into “thought” posters in which all those involved recognize their contributions.

Yaïsa Gottenbos

Yaïsas professional background is as unique and colorful as her pictures. She is a marketing expert, B2B consultant, and systemic coach and found her way to bikablo over the facilitator training she received at the Kommunikationslotsen. As a visualization trainer she today is mainly active in the Benelux countries. Given her extensive experience with complex business processes, she is also in high demand as an in-house trainer.

Judith Mall

Judith, who considers Hamburg her adopted hometown, is an artist, illustrator, art instructor, and visualizer whose professional activities range from the freedom of artistic painting to the pragmatic creation of product presentations. And that is just part of what uniquely qualifies her to meet the challenges we face at bikablo bildwerk, where, when it comes to visual communication, surprising artistic images are just as important making the point clear.

Yasmine Cordes

In cities such as Münster, New York and Berlin, Yasmine has been able to gain extensive experience in academia, business, the public sector, and agencies. Yasmine is known for her charming way of cutting right to the chase. As a Visual Facilitator with a strong communications and consulting background, she always manages to pinpoint – and to illustrate by hand – the essence of issues, even when dealing with complex topics and processes. Her favorite topics here are leadership, innovation, and technology.

Romana Moser

To be a good trainer, you also have to be a good host – it was therefore perhaps sage foresight on the part of Ramona, a Basel native, to choose to study hotel management before beginning her career as a media designer and calligraphy/lettering artist as a member of bikablo akademie’s Swiss team. In her current job, she can apply the values she had already come to appreciate – such as craftsmanship and hospitality – to effectively developing new visualization methods for the knowledge society.

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