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bikablo global training program

The world of visualization brought to you by
certified global bikablo trainers

bikablo trainer teams are being built up all over the world, bringing the possibilities of visual thinking, learning and collaboration closer to their fellow countrymen. They are trained and certified by the bikablo akademie in Cologne, Germany and are exclusively entitled to offer training according to our concept and under our brand. Together, the bikablo global trainers form a worldwide knowledge network that is constantly exchanging ideas and developing visualization methodologies under the umbrella of our brand.

Bandar Suleiman

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, and Oman

Koen De Keersmaecker

Belgium and The Netherlands

CONTUR Team Shanghai

Greater China

Charles-Louis de Maere, PYXIS

Belgium, France and francophone Switzerland

Visual Friends team

Australia and New Zealand

Jill Langer


core team-200x200
bikablo akademie core team

The Netherlands
and the rest of the world

Training by certified bikablo global trainers


Koen de Keersmaecker

Maaike Borsboom

Andy de Vale (WorkVisible)

Charles-Louis de Maere (Pyxis)

bikablo akademie core team

USA & Canada

Jill Langer

Jill Greenbaum

Latin America

Alexandra Oporto d’Ugard

Middle East & Africa

Bandar Enezi

Asia & Pacific

Jaya Machet

Hiromi Hara


Australia & New Zealand

Visual Friends

Advanced training
by the bikablo akademie core team, Germany

Visual Storytelling training (learn more)

Graphic Recording training (learn more)

Visual Process Mapping training (Belgium)


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